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Articles dans des revues spécialisées

Garneau, M. È., Posch, T., Hitz, G., Pomerleau, F., Pradalier, C., Siegwart, R., & Pernthaler, J. (2013). Short‐term displacement of Planktothrix rubescens (cyanobacteria) in a pre‐alpine lake observed using an autonomous sampling platform. Limnology and Oceanography, 58(5), 1892-1906.File

Hitz, G., Pomerleau, F., Garneau, M. E., Pradalier, C., Posch, T., Pernthaler, J., & Siegwart, R. Y. (2012). Autonomous inland water monitoring: Design and application of a surface vessel. Robotics & Automation Magazine, IEEE, 19(1), 62-72.File

Hitz, G., Pomerleau, F., Colas, F., & Siegwart, R. (2015). Relaxing the planar assumption: 3D state estimation for an autonomous surface vessel. The International Journal of Robotics Research, first published on July 8, 2015 doi:10.1177/0278364915583680File

Articles de conférences

Hitz, G., Gotovos, A., Pomerleau, F., Garneau, M. E., Pradalier, C., Krause, A., & Siegwart, R. Y. (2014, May). Fully autonomous focused exploration for robotic environmental monitoring. In Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2014 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 2658-2664). IEEE.File

Hitz, G., Pomerleau, F., Colas, F., & Siegwart, R. Y. (2014). State Estimation for Shore Monitoring Using an Autonomous Surface Vessel. International Symposium on Experimental Robotics (ISER), 2014.

Gotovos, A., Casati, N., Hitz, G., & Krause, A. (2013, August). Active learning for level set estimation. In Proceedings of the Twenty-Third international joint conference on Artificial Intelligence (pp. 1344-1350). AAAI Press.File


Garneau M. È., Posch T., Pradalier C., Pomerleau F., Hitz G., Siegwart R., Pernthaler J. (2011) Limnobotics: Understanding blooms of toxic freshwater cyanobacteria using an autonomous sampling platform and molecular strain typing. Swiss Microbial Ecology Group Meeting, Feb 2-4, Engelberg, SwitzerlandFile

Hitz G., Pomerleau F., Garneau M. È., Pradalier C., Posch T., Pernthaler J., Siegwart R. Y. (2011) Lizhbeth: Toward Autonomous Toxic Algae Bloom Monitoring. In IEEE Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems: Workshop on Robotics for Environmental Monitoring, San Francisco, USA.File

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